Easter- The Famous Customs and Traditions

Easter is an important festival celebrated by the people of Christian religion all over the world. On this day, people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after three days being crucified. The week before Easter is also referred to as holy week when the churches everywhere are decorated with flowers. The celebrations start at midnight on Easter Eve when candles are lit in churches all over the world as a sign that Jesus is the light of the world and when he rose to life, he got rid of the darkness of evil.

There are several traditional Easter customs followed by people to celebrate this festival joyously with their loved ones.

Decorating Easter Eggs
In several cultures around the world, the egg is considered as the symbol of fertility, new life, and rebirth. So Christians have adopted the egg as an Ester symbol, for the Jesus Christ was reborn this day. On Easter, people across the world decorate hard-boiled eggs as a part of their celebration. They use different colors to draw beautiful designs over eggs and make them look attractive.

Easter Egg Hunting
Once the eggs are decorated, the Easter bunny hides the eggs on the morning of Easter for the children to find. The painted eggs and the artificial plastic eggs filled with chocolates and candies are hidden in different places. Children search for the hidden eggs in their homes and gardens, along with their friends and collect them in the baskets. And once the hunt is over, prizes are distributed among kids for their achievements.

Easter Basket from Easter Bunny
Similar to egg, rabbits are considered the symbol of fertility and new life. The Easter bunny is a long-eared creature who delivers decorated eggs to the children on Easter. The night before Easter, children would make nests and leave outside their house and the Easter bunny would leave colorful eggs in them. As a common tradition of this festival, the Easter bunny brings baskets filled with candies, chocolates, marshmallow chicks, and jelly beans to the children in the morning.

Attend the Easter Parade
A cultural event is held during which people participate in an Easter parade dressed in their best attire. This parade mostly starts from Fifth Avenue in New York but held in other parts of the cities as well. The tradition of wearing new clothes during Easter festival is considered as the good luck for the rest of the year. In many traditions, women also wear white gloves and hats, which are called Easter bonnets.

Traditional Easter Dinner with Friends and Family
The dinner cuisines for Easter vary throughout the world. Generally, the traditional Easter dinner consists of lamb, ham or chicken as the perfect main dish. The hot cross buns flavored with nutmeg, currants, and apricots, then garnished with the lemon icing is one of the signature foods of Easter. In some traditions, the simmer cake is served that features 11 marzipan balls representing the 11 faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Like any other festival, the main purpose of celebrating Easter among all your friends and family members is to cherish the triumph of light over darkness. The best thing about this festival is its fun traditions and how children enjoy them. We wish you a joyous celebration of this upcoming festival.

Happy Easter!!

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