How to Plan an Arabian Nights Themed Anniversary Party?

How to Plan an Arabian Nights Themed Anniversary Party?

Anniversaries represent how far you’ve come in a relationship and make up for one of the most important occasions for every couple. Every passing year is a testament to your strong bonds of love and if you’re looking for ways to take this year’s celebrations up a notch, go for an Arabian themed party.

Yes, you heard it right. Escape the regular celebrations and surprise your better half or absolutely any couple with an Arabian Nights themed anniversary party. 

One Thousand and One Nights is classic folklore, well known as the Middle Eastern tale because of its story setting and characters. You can arrange for a unique Arabian Night party and celebrate the anniversary with great food, magical ambience and everything classic. Here’s a small guide on how to plan an Arabian Nights themed anniversary party. 

  • Pick a Venue

Pick a Venue

The most important part of a theme party is the ambience of the venue. As the theme of our anniversary party is Arabian Nights, choose a venue accordingly. Reach out to places that offer Morrcon decor in tents to keep up with the spirit of the folklore. You can choose marquees, dome tents, stretch tents and yurts, depending on the availability. 

  • Work on the Interiors

Work on the Interiors

While you’ve decided to get along with the Arabian theme, the first thing that everybody will expect is fabulous interiors that boast warm colours, rich textures and the essence of the Middle East. Striking a balance between bright and relaxing colours to match the theme for your party is a must. Do not forget to add lots of curtains and drapes for a luxurious interior look. Use props and tidbits from the movie. Floor seating with cushions can be your go-to chill-out decor. 

  • Present Arabic Delicacies

Present Arabic Delicacies

The theme should not just reflect on the decor, but planning a food menu for the party accordingly, is also a must. Add a flavour of rich starters like Falafel, Baba Ghanoush, Hummus, Tabouleh, etc. Treat your guest to enticing appetizers like couscous dishes, stew, kebabs and more. Wrap the menu with delicious Arabic desserts like Baklava, Muhallabia and Lokum. For munchies, you can go for dry nuts, roasted chickpeas, pita chips, Pistachio & Cardamom cookies, etc. 

  • Offer Beverages & Sheesha

Offer Beverages & Sheesha

An Arabian themed anniversary celebration won’t be complete without proper beverages & sheesha with strong flavours. Moroccan mint tea, pink rose wine, apricot juice, Tamar Hindi, Laban, carob juice, etc. are popular party beverages in the Middle East. Add some pipes to your party, and we’re sure that everyone will be transported to the world of Arabian Nights. 

  • Don’t forget the Entertainment!

Don't forget the Entertainment!

Liven up your party by adding music and entertainment to it. Add Aladdin soundtrack and some popular Arabic music to the playlist and make the celebrations even more wholesome. You can also search for a group of belly dancers for authentic Middle East glamour. 

  • And yes, Return Gifts!

Arabic Sweets Return Gifts

After you’ve managed to pull off a great Arabian night anniversary party, add a return gift that reminds every guest of this awesome affair. Add the name of the ‘anniversary couple’ on the return gift by getting it customised and make your present memorable. You can pick gifts like personalised dates hampers, personalised chocolates, a box of Arabic sweets, dry nuts baskets, etc. as a return gift for all. 

So, be it your anniversary or your parent’s anniversary, an Arabian Nights party will thrill everyone for sure. 

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