Know the Right Flowers to Gift on Milestone Anniversaries

Know the Right Flowers to Gift on Milestone Anniversaries

Do you often find yourself gifting the same kind of flowers on every anniversary? Well, you are not alone here with this dilemma. Did you know that each wedding anniversary has a flower that symbolises the stage you are at? The right kind of flowers will ensure that your sentiments and feelings are conveyed perfectly. Milestone anniversaries are important as they are proof that your relationship can stand the test of time. Celebrate it with the right kind of anniversary flowers and see the magic!

  • 1st Anniversary: Carnation

The first year of marriage brings excitement in the life of the couple. Carnation is known to represent young love and passion, just like the newlyweds. Deep red carnations are perfect for expressing love and affection. 

  • 2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

Cosmo Flower

The second year of marriage is more about understanding and acceptance. Celebrate the second anniversary by gifting cosmos that symbolises harmony, peace, and innocence. You can choose the red cosmos as a sign of love and understanding.

  • 5th Anniversary: Daisy

Daisy Bouquet

Five years after the marriage, the life of a couple becomes a routine, but there are still plenty of surprises in the relationship, just like a daisy. Daisy looks simple upfront, but it has a unique structure if observed carefully. Giving daisies on the fifth anniversary represents fidelity and forever love.

  • 10th Anniversary: Daffodil

Daffodil bouquet

The first decade of marriage boasts of lovely memories of the couple. You can give daffodils on the 10th anniversary. Daffodils are small flowers individually. When bunched together, they make up for a beautiful sunny bouquet. Daffodils symbolise binding the memories together to sustain the beautiful relationship.

  • 15th Anniversary: Rose

After 15 years of marriage, the couples have been through all the good and bad of the relationship. And still, they stick by each other’s side, no matter what. Rose, the classic symbol of love and romance represents eternity and a passionate bond between the couple.

  • 20th Anniversary: Aster

Aster bouquet

Celebrate two decades of marriage with aster flowers. Aster is a beautiful star-shaped flower that symbolises wisdom, faith and love. It is known to be the perfect flower for celebrating your other half. You can give a mix of white and pink aster that represents purity and sensitivity.

  • 25th Anniversary: Iris

iris bouquet

A quarter of a century deserves to be celebrated with a unique flower. Iris flower boasts of high-spirit, strength and love. Just like an iris, the couple stands tall and bright, fighting the battles of life together.

  • 50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets

Yellow Roses & Violets

Completing 50 years of marriage is a big achievement. It portrays the love of two people who constantly supported each other through all stages of life. Celebrate the 50th anniversary by giving a duo bouquet of yellow roses and violets. These two flowers symbolise two people who have loved each other, throughout the years. The vibrant yellow flowers will spread happiness and mark the celebration of a prosperous marriage. 

Now that you know about all the traditional flowers for the milestone anniversaries, make sure that your upcoming anniversary will be a day that you remember forever. 

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