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Lucky Bamboo Plants


Different Layers of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is the most popular choice for home decoration that brings positive energy to the home. The lucky bamboo looks beautiful, which is easy to grow and also symbolizes good fortune. Have a look at the different layers of lucky bamboo and their significance.

  • Two Layer Lucky Bamboo- Two-layered lucky bamboo symbolizes love that is also known to double up your luck in every department of your life.
  • Three Layer Lucky Bamboo- Three-layered lucky bamboo brings three kinds of luck- Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu). It is also believed to attract positive energy.
  • Five Layer Lucky Bamboo- The five-layered lucky bamboo purifies the negativity around and turns it into positive energy. Perfect to gift on any occasion, it can be kept at home or at the office that will bring positivity.
  • Spiral Lucky Bamboo- Lucky bamboo stalks are naturally straight that can be trained to grow in curls and spirals. Spiral bamboo is a specially grown version known by the botanical name Dracaena Sanderiana. It is quite easy to grow and to take care, so considered a perfect gift for luck or for money.
  • Buy Lucky Bamboo Plants Online

    A Lucky Bamboo Plant is a product of Feng Shui belief which has been proven really fortunate in changing people’s life. From correcting professional upset to personal challenges, there has been no competition for this lucky bamboo plant. But one must study the implication of various types of lucky bamboo plants before bringing them home. Once you have consulted an expert, buy a Lucky Bamboo Plant in Dubai and enhance your luck. Lucky Bamboo plants have helped many people to recover from their financial losses. So, keeping it at office desk would also help you to shine professionally. You may send this Lucky Bamboo Plant as a present for any kind of occasion. For example, for your upcoming anniversary, you can buy a seven stalk lucky bamboo plant which would help to keep your marital bond a stronger one. To wish someone on any new project a two stalk lucky bamboo plant would be suggested because they say every good thing comes in a pair. Apart from that if you keep a fresh green plant in your home, it would help you in providing a better air to breathe. So, buy this indoor plants online and become prosperous.

    Enhance Home Interior Beauty and Some Fortune with Bamboo Plants

    In Ferns N Petals you would always come across some interesting kind of products that would make your process of gifting a loveable one. We cater to the requirement of our customers for a large number of festivals and occasions like birthday, anniversary, Eid, Easters, Mother’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc. Have a look at our newest range of Indoor Bamboo Plants online and place an order immediately to change your life. All we want in life is more and more of all the good things – placing a suitable lucky bamboo plant in the home or in office table top, help you attain just that. In your professional field, you must often come across stress and by keeping a bamboo plant nearby would alleviate that for sure. If you want to double the fruits of fortune, you must never say no to these wonderful lucky bamboo plants. The spiral shaped lucky bamboo plants or the layered ones would definitely make your home decor an arty one apart from showering good fortune in your life. So, use our online same day delivery services in Dubai all across UAE to impress your loved ones. We have express delivery and midnight delivery services to make your festive season more enjoyable.

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    For Occasion Combos Types
    Birthday & Anniversary Lucky Bamboo with Cakes & Chocolates Spiral & Single Stick Bamboo
    Eid, Rakhi & X-mas Lucky Bamboo with Flower Bouquet Twisted & 3 Layered Bamboo
    Valentines Day Lucky Bamboo with Personalised Gifts Snake & Feng Shui Bamboo