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Money Plant is one of the most famous indoor plants in the world. For its unique characteristic of removing toxins from the air and filling it with more oxygen, money plants are hugely used. It is believed that money plants shower immense luck, happiness, and prosperity and that’s why it would be a great gift of love and care for your loved ones. Buy money plants online for your friends and relatives and make their life happier. The scientific name of money plant is “Scindapsus Aureus” and commonly it is also known as silver vine, devil’s ivy, and Solomon Islands Ivy. It is quite a common indoor plant in Asia and is native to Southeastern Asia and New Guinea. Now, you may wonder why this plant is called money plant. Well, that’s because of its round, flat, heart-shaped, and plump leaves that resemble coins. This perennial plant can grow as a trailer and also as a climber. Money Plants remove the synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions. It is recommended to keep the money plants near a computer, TV set, or WiFi router. It is believed that money plants enhance positive energy in home or office and induces a better sleep by curbing the stress level. Thus, they make a perfect housewarming gift. Get a refreshing money plant gift for your loved ones today!

Care Guide for Money Plant

Money Plant is a popular houseplant that can survive neglect & adapt to almost all growing conditions. They fill your space with bright coloured foliage and keep the environment clean with air-purifying properties. Read below some basic care instructions about money plant:

  • Water: Water it adequately, at least twice a week. Let the soil dry between two watering sessions.
  • Light: It grows well in indirect sunlight as well as indoors, in low light. Alternate sunlight is ideal for plant’s growth.
  • Soil: The plant grows best in fertile, loamy soil. It prefers neutral soil with a pH range of 6 to 7.5.
  • Fertilizer: Use liquid nitrate-based feed occasionally. You can use homemade fertilizer by adding used tea leaves, coffee grounds and powdered egg shells in soil.

Did you know?

Read these interesting and amazing facts about the money plant:

  • The plant has a multitude of common names, including golden pothos, hunter’s robe, Ceylon creeper, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy and marble queen
  • The five leaves of the money plant represent the five elements of nature- fire, air, water, metal, and wood
  • Keeping money plant at home attracts positive energy and enhances good luck and prosperity
  • The sap of this plant is extremely poisonous if consumed
  • According to Vastu, money plants should be kept indoors in the Southeast direction of the living room or hall. It removes bad luck and showers wealth & prosperity
  • Money plants are a great air-purifier that eliminate toxins & harmful elements & give you fresh air to breathe

Order Money Plants In Combos & Hampers For Various Occasions

There is no lack of special occasions and festivals in your calendar and that’s why you are always on a lookout for a nice gift to greet your loved ones. A plant with its bright-shiny leaves and a capacity to remove pollutants from the air is always a great gift option that can be given to anybody. There are various types of plants like indoor plants, outdoor plants, indoor flowering plants, outdoor flowering plants, cactus & succulents, terrariums, bonsai, etc. which you can consider gifting your loved ones on various occasions. Actually, you can never go wrong with a plant gift for its evergreen appeal. Apart from all these types, there is another category of plants known as good luck plants which are believed to bring good luck in every department of life. On birthday, anniversary, Christmas, housewarming, New Year, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Eid, or National Day – any occasion is apt for gifting a plant. Money plants are available in a variety of planters and pots. Some of these planters and pots can be customized for special occasions like a New Year, Valentine’s Day, Eid, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Keep these money plants indoor in your home or office and reach new heights of success! These money plants are available individually, in a set of 2, in combination with other air purifying or indoor or lucky plants, in combo with chocolates, cakes, mugs, cushions, personalized items, etc.

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Ferns N Petal is the number one online gift shop in UAE which is famous for its fresh flowers, tasty cakes, mouth-watering chocolates, and alluring personalized gifts. But apart from these classic gifts, we have also included some rejuvenating plants that would provide a better atmosphere. From Lucky Bamboo to Money Plants, Areca Palm to Desert Rose Plant, Syngonium to Peace Lily, Ficus Microcarpa to Holy Basil – we have plants of all types to make your life healthier and happier. So, use our express, same-day, midnight, or next day delivery service to arrange a plant delivery anywhere in the UAE or abroad. In UAE, we cover Sharjah, Al-Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1- Is Money Plant good for the home?
Ans: Yes, the money plant is considered good for homes. It purifies the air by eliminating toxic VOC’s. According to Feng Shui, the money plants attracts positive energy and brings home good luck and prosperity.

2- Should money plant be stolen?
Ans: It’s a myth that a money plant loses its power if it is grown from one’s own cutting. It is believed that the homeowners get more money if they propagate this plant using stolen cuttings. However, it’s not true.

3- What is the price of money plant?
Ans: The price of money plant at Ferns N Petals starts from AED 89.

4- Why should I buy the money plant from Ferns N Petals?
Ans: At Ferns N Petals, we offer fresh and nicely wrapped money plants to customers. You can also order money plants to gift your loved ones on special occasions. We promise their timely delivery in nicely packed gift boxes.

5- Can we get the delivery of the money plant in my city?
Ans: Yes, we offer money plants delivery across the UAE in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.