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Buy Forever Rose Online To Impress Your Loved Ones In UAE

Love is a beautiful feeling which must be expressed. To help you in this process, Ferns N Petals is happy to introduce “Forever Roses”. These roses are special and you must buy them for your sweetheart or whoever means the world to you. Forever Roses are our new category of roses that are specially brought from Ecuador. The roses of Ecuador are believed to be of the highest quality in the whole world due to its closeness to the equator. These roses are then cut in a full bloom stage and then dehydrated. Later they are injected with a wax-based non-toxic solution which helps them to stay in their same fresh state for 2 years. For occasions like a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or to say Sorry or Thank You or I Love You, these forever preserved roses are a perfect choice. You can buy these forever roses for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, or best friend. A forever rose stands for the expression of unconditional and unchanging love that you feel for someone. Forever roses also stand for rarity – just like your partner who is one in a million.

So, check out the beautiful colors of forever rose Dubai and present them to your loved ones.

  • Red
  • Red roses speak of the perfect language of love and romance since times immemorial. Along with love and romance, red roses also portray passion, determination, courage, and affection. So, you can buy this forever rose in Dubai for your life partner.

  • Rainbow
  • This is one of the most breath-taking types of forever rose that expresses joy and cheerfulness. You can gift a rainbow-colored forever rose to your best friend or parents.

  • Royal Blue
  • It took hard work of 14 years to come up with the world’s first blue rose. Royal blue forever rose represents prosperity, royalty, immortality, glory, mystery, magic, and rarity. You can present this forever rose to someone precious in your life who is a rare gem.

  • Pink
  • Pink forever rose stands for appreciation, admiration, and sweet love. You can present a pink forever rose to your teacher or mentor or mom.

  • Black
  • Black is a powerful color and a black forever rose symbolizes devotion, courage, and a new beginning.

All these various colors of forever roses are available in an FNP signature sturdy box of orange or black color and also in glass dome. So, explore these magnificent options of roses and buy the best ones for your sweetheart anywhere in UAE.

Explore the Range of Stunning Forever Roses for Every Occasion

Ferns N Petals offers a charming range of Forever Roses in the UAE. Forever Rose is a unique gift preserved with harmless chemical solutions and lots of love. It is a good pick for gifting to someone close to your heart. You can give this gorgeous rose to anyone on absolutely any occasion. We are sure that your near and dear ones will appreciate the spell-bounding beauty of this gift. Check out this list of occasions that are perfect for presenting a forever rose.

  • Birthday
  • Birthday is an important life event that reminds us of how we have flourished over years. And when it's the birthday of your special someone, you are expected to get something unique. Forever Rose is a unique gift that will make your loved ones feel adored. It is a perfect treasure gift for the one who is near to your heart. You can give a blue, purple and white forever rose as a birthday gift to anyone.

  • Anniversary
  • Anniversary is a perfect occasion to commemorate how far you've come in a relationship. It brings lovely memories and lots of surprises. If you wish to greet your partner on the anniversary with something 'out of the box', then choose a 'Forever Rose'. Red forever rose is the perfect present that will convey your heartwarming feelings flawlessly. The rose will last for two years in reality and forever in the heart.

  • Valentines Day
  • The festival of love brings forth some new love stories and fills the older ones with excitement. Valentines is an ideal opportunity to present your loved ones a 'Forever Rose'. You can choose from a variety of colours based on what you wish to convey. We're sure that this precious gift will make the moment even more special. The best pick for Valentines is red, and peach forever rose. Send this forever rose to Abu Dhabi with Ferns N Petals.

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Is your dearest friend finally getting married? Get them a present that they will remember for life. Forever Rose is a perfect gift for someone special in your life. While your friend is starting a new journey, give them a rainbow forever rose that represents different colours of life.

  • Women's Day
  • A woman is a real gem. And a real gem truly deserves a special gift. This women's day, give a royal blue forever rose to the lady luck in your life. Blue forever rose is a rare treasure that represents prosperity, magic and royalty. Appreciate the women in your life with this magical rose. Send a forever rose across UAE with is.

Order Forever Roses Anywhere In UAE Through Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is the best flower shop in Dubai and we also have our delivery services all over UAE. So, you can send forever roses or other flowers to your loved ones settled anywhere in UAE. Using our midnight delivery services, you can order a forever rose flower box in Dubai and surprise your darling on a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. You can also use our same-day, next-day, and express delivery services to order forever roses anywhere in the UAE like Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, etc. We assure you of world-class quality, safe packaging, and timely delivery at the doorstep of your loved ones. Apart from forever roses, you can also order other bouquets of roses, lilies, or orchids to express your feelings of love and affection.

Buy Beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers From Ferns N Petals

Mankind has been using flowers for ages to communicate their emotions. Giving people flowers is the best form to communicate what you want to say to them. No matter what emotion you want to express, it can be easily done with the help of flowers hence flowers would make a great gift for any occasion. Get mothers day gift ideas from Ferns n Petals website and give her a beautiful surprise. A forever rose is not a normal one. It symbolises eternal love and lasts for almost 2 years. The forever rose comes in various colours like red, white, blue, peach, purple and more. But the most stunning one is the rainbow coloured rose that is truly unique and its beauty is unmatchable. These forever roses come in glass domes, treasure boxes and other stunning bases. Some of them come in a bunch and some are single buds. You can also choose to send these forever roses along with chocolates that will make for a beautiful combination. Send stunning mothers day flowers to your mom and make her day wonderful. Choose from our smooth delivery services that are available all across the UAE.

Frequently Ask Question

  • Q.1:- How long does a forever rose last?
  • Ans :-  A forever rose lasts up to two years. Forever Rose is brought from Ecuador. These are the highest-quality roses that are injected with a solution that helps them stay fresh for up to 2 years.

  • Q.2:-Are forever roses a good gift?
  • Ans :-  Yes, forever roses are a good gift for someone special in your life. This gift is unique and charming that makes it perfect for gifting on any occasion. You can give a forever rose to your near and dear ones without any hesitation. Deliver a stunning forever rose to Abu Dhabi and other emirates using Ferns N Petals.

  • Q.3:- Is forever rose a real rose?
  • Ans :-  Yes, forever rose is a real rose. These are high-quality roses preserved using a chemical solution.